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  • The skip is on your property for 30 calander days.
  • Includes 4 collections (1 per week)
  • Additional clean-outs R 590.00
  • No collections/deliveries on weekends/public holidays.


Mini Skip Hire is ideal for both domestic and commercial waste removal. Our mini skips have a capacity of 2.5 ton/2m³, with dimensions of 2100mm L x 1200mm W, which makes it easy to move into limited spaces and ideal for smaller projects/waste management needs. You no longer need to hire the traditional, bulky 6 skips for your smaller projects. At Maxi Skips we offer an easy, professional mini skip hire experience to all our client weather you need a mini skip today or a mini skip next week, our friendly staff is always ready to attend to our clients needs. Maxi Skips also provides labour services - if you require labour to assist in filling your mini skip, please contact our office to enquire about this service.

The process is as easy as One, Two, Three:

1 - You book the service via e-mail, WhatsApp or on-line.

2 - We deliver

3 - You fill so that we can collect and dump.


Please note:

  • Rates may vary according to distance travelled.
  • Service rates excludes labour to fill the skips
  • Labour can be arranged to fill the skips, and Maxi Skips will quotec according to clients requirements.
  • Labour service does not include supervision. The Hirer is responsable for supervising the labours provided by Maxi Skips.
  • No COD payments will be allowed, driver will not accept cash from client on site.
  • No booking is secured, untill proof of payments is mailed to or WhatsApp to 084 265 44 55



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